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 Over 2,000 Certified Professionals and Growing!!

Class of 2014

 What's the Buzz About Certification?

​Certification provides the only measureable standard by which to judge "design-build done right.
The Designated Design-Build Professional™ certification program has grown exponentially over the past ten years, and not surprisingly as it mirrors the expansion of design-build itself. There are currently over 2,000 design-build professionals and growing!
DBIA offers certification in design-build project delivery to members and non-members alike, our program educates owners as well as designers and builders on team-centered approaches to design and construction. Owners want successfully executed design-build projects and are looking for a demonstration of both relevant continuing education and experience – both of which can be gained through DBIA certification.
The Designated Design-Build Professional™ program is administered by the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA). This program is governed by a Certification Board of Directors and is comprised of design and construction professionals who are responsible for policies and procedures affecting criteria for professional certification and the determination of individual certification status of candidates enrolled in the program.
See "Get Certified Now" to see which credential is right for you!

 Have Questions?


​Last year, the DBIA Certification Board of Directors hosted a free webinar answering the most popular questions. You can watch the archived video of it below: 


 Owners are Making a Statement


"Design-build done right” requires more than a good contract and appropriate risk allocation. Everyone from the owner to the subcontractors must understand the process, the expectations and fully engage in the collaborative process. The growing number of both Associate DBIA™ designees and DBIA Professional™ designees attest to the value local, state and federal governments see in educating their staffs in DBIA best practices. Owners are certified at agencies as large as NASA, GSA and the USACE, as are employees of state DOTs and cities like Tacoma, Washington. Now, public agency solicitations, including one from Indiana’s Hamilton Southeastern School district, are beginning to expressly encourage the use of DBIA best practices and inclusion of team members with DBIA™ Professional Certification.


 Sample Owner Solicitations

Sharp HealthCare
Notice of Bid Scoring for Recognition of DBIA Certification
"Sharp Request for Proposals will assign up to ten points for members of the Design Build Team that are DBIA certified. We will look for this certification from all members of the team, e.g., contractors, architects, engineers and major subcontractors."
City of Virginia Beach-- Dept. of Public Works
Design-Build for the Blackwater Fire and EMS Station
"Preference will be given to design-build teams led by these key personnel who are certified by the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) as a Designated Design-Build Professional. A copy of the current DBIA certification shall be provided."

Thinking About  
Design-Build Credentials?

Check out this FREE webinar to ​learn about DBIA Certification. Enter 2014 with all the tools you need to set yourself apart as a design-build expert. The DBIA Certification Board will tell you everything you need to know about DBIA Certification.


Find a Certified Professional

Find a Designated Design-Build Professional ( DBIA™ and Assoc. DBIA™) or firms that meet your specific needs. This directory will enable you to search the thousands of design-build professionals who have earned their certification over the years.

Through coursework and testing, these individuals demonstrate an understanding of best practices in every phase of design-build project delivery, from proposal preparation to substantial completion. DBIA certification is aimed at all members of the project team — from owner’s representatives and legal professionals to designers, contractors and sub-contractors.