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DBIA Working for You


 Federal and State Advocacy

DBIA’s advocacy efforts increase critical business opportunities for members by serving as the only membership organization dedicated to promoting Design-Build Done Right in Congress, government agencies and state legislatures across the United States. We focus on increasing the amount of owners utilizing design-build, increasing support for design-build among key public officials and nurturing a regulatory, statutory and legal environment conducive to the needs of DBIA members.

State Level Design-Build Legislation Has a Record Year
At the state level, 2013 was a record year in legislation for design-build as a vehicle to complete infrastructure projects. There were 99 bills introduced that affected our industry. We were active on these bills and achieved a favorable outcome 68 percent of the time. This is a great legislative track record. That kind of success shows the effect design-build and DBIA are having on the industry to complete projects with efficiency and within budget.

DBIA Has Worked Tirelessly to Achieve Approval of Design-Build
Public design-build projects can only happen if the process is authorized. When DBIA was founded in 1993, only three states authorized design-build on public projects. Within 10 years, design-build was authorized in some fashion in 42 states and the District of Columbia. Today, DBIA members can use design-build for public projects in some form in all 50 states and a majority of states permit design-build for all agencies for all types of design and construction.

Increasing Public Officials’ Awareness of Design-Build
By raising the profile of design-build’s many benefits with legislators and key public officials, DBIA encourages owners in government agencies to take an active role in passing authorizing legislation and gives them the knowledge to advocate for using design-build with other key decision-makers. When we visit elected officials and government representatives, we discuss the reasons design-build is now nearly 40 percent of the non-residential construction market and encourage them to follow the trend and not fall behind their neighbors.

Taking Design-Build Advocacy to the Next Level
Recently, with so many states authorizing the use of design-build, we’re taking our advocacy efforts to the next level. DBIA is working to codify DBIA Best Practices into law so that public owners are achieving Design-Build Done Right. These efforts ensure that government regulations support the same DBIA Best Practices that members are taught in DBIA courses, leading to the highest-quality projects.

Help DBIA Assist You | Get Involved
DBIA has an effective team of advocacy professionals and a network of industry contacts who work together with elected officials and government agencies at the state, local and federal levels to expand design-build authority and implement best practices. While DBIA members receive the latest news and updates regarding the status of design-build laws and regulations on the federal, state and local levels, we strongly encouraged members to assist us in identifying opportunities and executing strategies to protect and expand design-build through the legislative and regulatory process.

The latest information on DBIA’s advocacy efforts and how you can help can be found on the Advocacy section of