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Membership | Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Industry Partner (IP)?
An organizational membership category which provides member benefits to an organization and its employees. There are five Industry Partner member categories: AE/EA Firm, At-Risk Firm, Professional Firm, Public/Private Owner Firm and Specialty Contractor/Manufacturer/Supplier.
Membership dues vary based on the type of organization and the annual sales volume.
What is a Public/Private Owner?
Owners decide what gets built, when it gets built and how it gets built. They are the organizations (or individuals who work for those organizations) that control the design and construction processes. This does NOT include firms and/or people that provide design and 
construction services such as contractors, A/E firms, architects, etc.

 Examples include:
  • ​Real Estate Developer
  • Private Facility Owner
  • Academic Institution 
  • Government Agency (Federal, Local/City, State, Military)
  • Non-Profit Association
What is an At-Risk Firm?
At-Risk Firms are defined as the firm that would typically hold the single point of responsibility contract for the project. Firms generally falling in this category are Design-Build Firms, General Contracting Firms and Construction Management Firms.

What is a Young Professional?
Individual(s) aged 35 or younger qualify as Young Professionals. Two (2) of the Industry Partner free contacts are designated to Young Professionals. These slots may not be transferred to others outside of the Young Professionals category.

Do I have to join a Region Separately?
DBIA is a dual membership organization, meaning that Region membership is included with your national dues at no additional cost. 

DBIA’s 14 Regions actively work to support their specific markets which have an impact on local design and the construction community. Regions also offer educational programs, networking events, legislative efforts and owner education and outreach. Your Region is determined by your physical address. DBIA Regions and the areas they cover can be found here.

Are my DBIA Dues Tax Deductible?
Dues are tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses under IRS Tax Code Section 162(3) except for that portion allocable to “lobbying” under Public Law #103-66. DBIA estimates that 97% of your dues payment is deductible and 3% non-deductible.

When does my membership expire?
Your DBIA membership is effective 12 months from your membership approval date. For example, if you joined in January 2015, then your renewal date will be January 31, 2016. Thereafter it will be the same month of the following year and so on.

What is a Free Contact?
Industry Partner members receive a certain number of contacts with their membership. Free contacts receive all member benefits. A  $100 discount is applied for any additional DBIA Industry Partner members – either paid by the individual or by the company.

We are joining as an Industry Partner. How do I notify DBIA of the names and contact information for our free contacts?
Once you receive your welcome materials, feel free to email with the name, title, address and contact information, for each free contact you would like to add.

What if I join as an Industry Partner (IP) and I want more contacts associated with my company?
You may add additional contacts for $249 per year/per contact.

How long does it take for my membership to be processed and active? What happens once my application is processed?
It takes approximately one business day for your application to be processed and active. You will receive an emailed confirmation as well as a hard copy letter in the mail within one week of activation. Both include your login information for the DBIA website as well as your  region and any other pertinent information.



Profile/Account Accessibility

Q. I created an account but do not remember my username and password.
A. To obtain your user information go to the Sign In page.
Q. I’ve tried to sign into my profile but I am redirected to the home page.
A. If you did not get an error message, look at the black bar at the top of the website. Your name should be there. Click on the My Profile link to the left of your name.
Q. How do I update my mailing address, email address or phone number?
A. There are several options to update your profile information online, by email or call us at (202) 682-0110.


Q. How do I know if my company qualifies as a Design-Build Firm?
A. DBIA defines a Design-Build Firm as a company that has a fully integrated in-house team.
Q. My company is an Industry Partner member; can I join as an Individual member?
A. No. DBIA policies require that you become a member under your company’s Industry Partner membership either as a “free representative” or as an “additional paid representative.”


Q. Can I renew my membership dues online?
A. Yes, if you are an Individual member. To renew online, click here.
A. No, if you are an Industry Partner member. To renew via phone call: (202) 682-0110. To renew via email, click here.
Q. How can I receive a paper invoice?
A. Send a request to the membership department. Click here to request an invoice.

Basic Membership

Q. I am leaving my current company which is an Industry Partner member; does my membership transfer with me to my new company?
A. Only Individual memberships transfer when you change employers.
Q. I thought I was a member but my username and password will not give me access to the members-only benefits and resource.
A. Please contact the membership department to determine if your membership is active. The membership department can be reached via email or phone at: (202) 682-0110.
Q. My company is an Industry Partner member; does that meant that I am automatically a member?
A. No, while an Industry Partner membership does guarantee member discounts to all employees, it does not automatically provide membership. To request to be added to your company’s membership, please contact the primary representative (there may be additional cost incurred). To request the name of your company’s primary representative, click here.
Q. My company has an Industry Partner membership and receives several free representatives included in its dues. How can I add free representatives to my membership roster?
A. To request to add additional representatives to your company’s membership, please contact the primary representative (there may be additional cost incurred). To request the name of your company’s primary representative, click here.
Q. My company has an Industry Partner membership and has filled all of its free representative slots. Can I still be added to their membership roster?
A. Yes, Industry Partners may include additional representatives to its roster for an additional cost of $249/representative. To request to be added to your company’s membership, please contact the primary representative (there may be additional cost incurred). To request the name of your company’s primary representative, click here.
Q. Why should my company make a financial commitment to join as an Industry Partner member when I can join as an individual member?

Industry Partner membership provides an opportunity to highlight both internal expertise and significant commitment to the design-build project delivery method. There is no better way to show your firm’s commitment to the industry than by becoming an Industry Partner Member.

As an Industry Partner Member, your employees receive preferential access to all DBIA events, publications and education courses as well as heavy discounts on all products and services. DBIA’s members-only business growth tools include e-pipeline, our e-newsletter, Design-Build Insight, and a 75-word/logo company listing in the annual DBIA Membership Directory. DBIA Industry Partners are also authorized to use the statement “DBIA Industry Partner” along with the DBIA logo on their marketing materials and website.

Q. Are my membership dues tax deductible?
A. DBIA membership dues are tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense under IRS Tax Code Section 162(3), except for that portion allocable to “lobbying” under Public Law #103-66. (DBIA estimates that 97% of your dues payment is deductible and 3% non-deductible.) Contributions and gifts to DBIA, a 501(c)6 non-profit organization, are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes under the law.


Q. What are DBIA’s legislative and advocacy initiatives?
A. DBIA advocates for widespread implementation of the design-build project delivery method, including full legislative authority. We monitor federal and state legislation that affects the design and construction industry.


Q. Do I have to be a DBIA member to become DBIA™ or Assoc. DBIA™ certified?
A. No. All individuals who meet the requirements of the certification program are eligible to become certified, regardless of membership status in DBIA. However, members receive a discount on the initial and fees and on the educational courses required for certification.