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DBIA Milestone:



​It can be hard to remember a time when the internet wasn’t a part of everyday life. Just for context, bear in mind that the White House created its website in 1994 and the Vatican launched its website in 1995. DBIA’s web presence dates to 1996. Longtime DBIA staff member Todd Rich recalls that when she arrived at DBIA in October 1997, the website consisted of four pages, not particularly unusual at that time.

She remembers that one of the first tasks she undertook was to create a calendar for the website and include the program for the November conference. A company in Mexico came across the conference information the day before it started and immediately sent some of its staff. The website continued to grow and include more and more information, with incremental redesigns.

The website was redesigned and upgraded several times over the years. A major update took place in 1999, another in 2002 and again in 2007. Each time the goal was to increase content and functionality. Now it is possible to register for courses and conferences, join DBIA and take continuing education courses online. Members can even download the Manual of Practice, now an entirely electronic document, from

This spring, DBIA will launch its most ambitious redesign and upgrade yet. The newest version of DBIA’s website will provide a framework for new and improved content aimed at our mission of educating practitioners and owners in design-build best practices and will include videos, discussion boards and other capabilities while streamlining navigation. Our goal is to completely transform the user experience. Wish us luck, and as always, let us know what you think.


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