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DBIA Milestone: First Certification Board

On January 10, 2002, the first meeting of the DBIA Designation Committee was held in San Antonio, Texas. The precursor of today’s Design-Build Certification Board, the Designation Committee began to lay the groundwork for the Designated Design-Build Professional program. Throughout the previous year the board discussed development of the program. By April of 2002, the new Designation Program has 67 chartered designees, 35 of whom attended the first Designation Dinner in Washington, DC, that spring. At that time the National Board learned that “Both public and private sector owners are calling and asking how to get their people designated.”

Today, the program has established an accepted and recognized standard of design-build knowledge and experience. The Design-Build Certification Board certifies owners, design and construction practitioners as well as other professionals working in the design-build arena. Coursework and testing is regularly evaluated and changed to reflect current industry best practices. In 2013, nearly 2000 individuals proudly display DBIA™ or Assoc. DBIA™ as a credential, demonstrating their expertise and understanding of best-practices in every phase of design-build project delivery, from proposal preparation to substantial completion.


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