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DBIA Milestone: The Design-Build Manual of Practice

In October 1996, just three years after its founding, DBIA released the initial chapters of what it envisioned would become a comprehensive Design-Build Manual of Practice (MOP). Rik Kunnath, PE, DBIA, the Institute’s second board chair, remembers that many hours were spent by the early volunteer leadership hammering out the definitions and processes related to the delivery method. The initial chapters focused on exactly that; published as Volume I, Chapters 101, “An Introduction to Design-Build,” and 103, “Design-Build Definitions,” provided an overview of both the process of single responsibility contracting, the benefits design-build provides and defined the terms as they would be understood and used by the Institute in subsequent chapters. A 1995 publication that described the competitive acquisition process for public owners was folded into the MOP. Also released in 1996 were chapters devoted to responding to design-build RFP and RFQs, executing the design-build project and model procurement legislation.

Additional chapters followed at a brisk pace. Less than 10 years later, two volumes attempted to cover every aspect of design-build owners and practitioners might encounter. Always conceived as a living document, the MOP continues to be added to and revised to reflect the latest developments in the industry.

In 2010, DBIA shifted its position on distribution of the MOP. The publication was no longer sold to members at a discount and instead became a benefit of membership in DBIA.


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