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DBIA Milestone: The Maps

Today, DBIA’s maps illustrating design-build laws across the United States are some of the most popular materials we produce. This resource first came about when we created the state statute report.

In 2009, we started by creating a map to illustrate procurement laws as they stood at the time:

The green shadings made sense at the time, because every state had design-build authorization in some way, even if it was through a pilot program that would eventually expire. We also created maps to represent the past years of 1993 (when DBIA was founded) and 2005:

In 2012, we updated the map to account for our legislative successes. We also added cross-hatching to illustrate the expiration of pilot programs in four states where design-build continued to be used on a limited basis:

As more states began to adopt design-build, we knew having three different shades of green was getting complicated. So DBIA settled on the idea of a state shifting from white to dark green as design-build received greater approval. Our 2013 map, therefore, came out crisp, readable and modern:

DBIA also created new maps going back to 1993 so that we could better illustrate our successful state advocacy over time. We then compiled them into a video format and uploaded them to DBIA’s new website for viewing here.

Our maps continue to be a valuable resource for anyone looking for an overview of design-build laws in their state, or a state in which they wish to do business. As design-build authority spreads across the U.S., we will continue to update the maps for the education and benefit of owners, DBIA members and industry professionals.


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