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DBIA Milestone: The National Conference

​DBIA’s upcoming National Design-Build Conference & Expo is our most popular conference and this year will have nearly 2,000 attendees. Since its inception, DBIA’s strategy for this conference has been to create a major event where attendees could celebrate the best projects of the year, network with the brightest minds in the industry and continue their design-build education, all while having fun and experiencing a great city.

The National Conference has been quite successful since its inception, growing from hundreds of attendees to nearly 2,000 today. The diversity of our membership is reflected at this conference, making it one of the most unique networking opportunities in the industry with attendees ranging from owners, architects and contractors to academics, lawyers, business development professionals and CEOs. Even through the recent recession, when most associations saw conference attendance drop off, DBIA’s conference grew every year. With the passage of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act in 2009, budget- and schedule-conscious state and federal agencies began to embrace design-build as never before. Owners and professionals alike attended our conferences to make sure they knew the latest and greatest information on design-build best practices.

The sessions at our conference have always been worth continuing education credits for DBIA as well as AIA and 12 credit hours are available each year. Since the Designated Design-Build Professional™ program requires 24 hours of continuing education every two years, professionals with DBIA™ or Assoc. DBIA™ certification are able to attend the National Conference each year to fulfill this requirement.

Each year, DBIA strives to make the conference unique. We change our host location often, most recently hosting the conference in dynamic cities such as Nashville, Las Vegas, Washington, Orlando and New Orleans. We’ve also added motivational keynote speakers such as former NFL Quarterback Roger Staubach, author James Bradley and LT. General Russel Honoré. This year will feature Miracle on the Hudson Captain Sully Sullenburger. The Awards Ceremony in particular has evolved to be a major attraction and this year will feature more than 50 awards honoring exemplary projects and professionals in the industry, concluding with an amazing performance by the 5-man acapella group Mo5aic for the first time in DBIA’s history.

DBIA has worked hard to create an event that manages to educate while providing valuable networking and business opportunities. We are looking forward to continuing that tradition this year and into the future as design-build becomes the dominant project delivery method.


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