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Dave Shelton Remembers

David M. Shelton is Senior Vice President at DesignSense Incorporated, a strategic acquisition planning and program management consulting firm located in Lenexa, Kansas. He is also a licensed architect and contractor, a DBIA Designated Design-Build Professional and has nearly 35 years of experience in design and construction management, design-build, criteria development and owner representative services.

Having provided acquisition consulting services on more than 100 design-build projects throughout the U.S., Mr. Shelton is a dynamic speaker and proponent of “design-build done right.” He has been a guest lecturer at schools of design and construction including Kansas State University, the University of Nebraska, the University of Kansas, the University of Missouri and Pittsburg State University and has presented on the topic of performance-based design-build to industry groups from California to Connecticut.

We asked Dave to trace his history with DBIA
When did you join DBIA and why? 

Dave Shelton: I joined DBIA in 1998 and was a Charter Member of DBIA-Mid America. DBIA offered an opportunity to "formalize" the renaissance of the "Master Builder" approach to satisfy project owners.
What was the design-build market like at that time? 
Dave Shelton: It was an exciting time, when the "process" of design-build was being developed by a number of heretofore antithetical institutes and mindsets. In 2003 (10th Anniversary of DBIA) I wrote a Design-Build DATELINE article about the first 10 years and predictions for the next 10 years.
Describe your level of engagement (contributions) over the years?

Dave Shelton: Very active in DBIA-Mid America and Chaired the Education Committee first three years, served on Board first four years, I've written a number of articles for DBIA magazines. I’ve served as an instructor for DBIA and design-build since 1999.
In your opinion, what is DBIA’s most significant accomplishment over the last two decades? 

Dave Shelton: Educating and leading our industry on design-build as an "acquisition strategy" for projects…and advancing the "convention" of design-build done right!


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