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Stella S. Fiotes, AIA

Stella S. Fiotes, AIAStella S. Fiotes was named Executive Director for the Office of Construction and Facilities Management at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in January 2013. In this capacity, she is responsible for the planning, design and construction of all major construction projects greater than $10 million. In addition, as CFM’s Executive Director, she acquires real property for use by VA elements through the purchase of land and buildings, as well as long-term lease acquisitions. Through the construction and real property programs, the Office of Construction and Facilities Management delivers to Veterans, high quality buildings, additions, large scale renovations and structural enhancements. Ms. Fiotes also manages the crucial areas of facility sustainability, seismic corrections, physical security and historic preservation of VA’s facilities.

Her team plans, designs, constructs and leases facilities for the Veterans Health Administration, our nation’s largest integrated health care system, the Veterans Benefits Administration and the National Cemetery Administration. Replacement plant value of VA facilities exceeds $87 billion, with new construction and major improvements approaching $1 billion per year.

Prior to assuming this position, Ms. Fiotes was the Chief Facilities Management Officer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) from 2007, where she oversaw the construction, operation and management of the NIST sites until arriving at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Prior to her work at NIST, she managed facilities, construction and property for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at their sites across the country and led the facilities planning programs at the National Institutes of Health.

Ms. Fiotes holds a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. She is a Registered Architect in Washington, D.C., and is affiliated with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), AIA Regional and Urban Design Committee, Society for College and University Planners and Society of American Military Engineers.