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I-15 Corridor Expansion I-15 CORE

Transportation Projects, National Design-Build Award

Utah County, Utah

Utah Department of Transportation
Design-Builders (Joint Venture):
Fluor Enterprises, Inc.
Ames Construction Inc.
Wadsworth Brothers Construction
Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company
Fluor/HDR Global Design Consultants
Other Key Professional:
Raba Kistner, Inc. (Independent Quality Assurance)
When UDOT and Provo River Constructers completed the massive I-15 Corridor Expansion (I-15 CORE) in December 2012, it became the fastest billion-dollar public highway project built in U.S. history. I-15 CORE included 24 miles of freeway reconstruction and widening, ten interchanges and 63 bridges and was completed $260 million under budget. This was accomplished while keeping existing lanes open to traffic for most of construction and maintaining incredibly high levels of public support.