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LANXESS Corp. HPM Line 1 Project. Gastonia, NC

‚ÄčIndustrial/Process/Research Facilities, Design-Build Honor Award

Gastonia, North Carolina
LANXESS Corporation
CDM Smith
Specialty Contractors:
Robertson-Ceco II Corp.
National Panel Systems, Inc.
Carolina Tractor and Equipment
Specialty chemicals company LANXESS and design-builder CDM Smith designed and built a fast-track high-performance materials compounding plant in Gastonia, North Carolina. The new plant manufactures basic polymers such as polyamide and polybutylene terephthalate and refines them with additives and glass fibers to produce LANXESS innovative high-strength, temperature-resistant Durethan and Pocan brands. These innovative products allow for lighter-weight plastic parts to replace metal parts in automobiles, improving strength and fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.