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Shailendra G. Patel, P.E., DBIA

Shailendra PatelShailendra Patel is a licensed professional engineer and Designated Design-Build Professional™ (DBIA). He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with major in structural engineering and master’s degree in business administration. Mr. Patel, as the Department’s Alternate Project Delivery Director, is responsible for developing and implementing the Department’s policy on procurement and execution of the design-build program. Additionally, he provides technical support for the Public-Private Transportation Act (PPTA) program. His involvement with DBIA is extensive including active involvement on the DBIA Transportation Committee and an active role in the development of DBIA’s updated Manual of Practice. The influence of his involvement with DBIA has found its way into many of the processes and policies of the Department’s design-build program allowing him to model the design-build procurement program in reflection of DBIA’s best practices. Mr. Patel is an active member of the AASHTO Subcommittee on Construction. He is also VDOT’s liaison to Industry groups such as ACEC and Virginia Transportation Construction Association (VTCA).
Mr. Patel is a recipient of the 2015 DBIA Transportation Leadership Award and 2014 VDOT Commissioner’s Award for Excellent Customer Service.
Mr. Patel has more than 27 years of experience working in design and construction of commercial and transportation projects. He started his VDOT career as a construction inspector in 1992. Since then, he worked within VDOT with most of his time spent in Structure and Bridge Division as a Senior Bridge Engineer besides the current position. Prior to VDOT, he worked briefly with a Maryland general contractor and as a project engineer for a structural engineering firm in India.