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DBIA Webinar Subscription Service


 Exclusive Industry Partner Member Benefit

Easy access to live and on-demand webinars and hundreds of hours of recorded conference sessions – all at a discounted price!
DBIA’s webinar subscription service is designed to provide our Industry Partner members and their employees with easy access to online education offerings through our Design-Build Done Right Webinar Series and to more than 200 archived conference recordings.
The subscription service is especially beneficial to DBIA certification credential holders and/or certification candidates. They will no longer need to order their required professional development one webinar at a time. All DBIA webinars are approved for DBIA™ and Assoc. DBIA™ maintenance renewal.
An exclusive Industry Partner benefit, this one-year subscription service is offered at a 50 percent discount from the regular rate and will begin from the date of purchase.

Enroll today!

Please return the completed form to
Pricing - Industry Partner member annual subscriptions begin at $625.00. This discount represents a significant 50 percent savings from the individual webinar pricing.

Packages and Pricing

Annual Subscription Package
Maximum number of sessions
(webinars or conference sessions)
(per year)
Package A 25 $625.00
Package B 50 $1,250.00
Package C 100 $2,500.00
Package D 200 $5,000.00
Note: Individuals must register to receive credit. If one individual registers for three (3) different sessions, either live or archived, three (3) sessions will be deducted from the allotment. If a team of five (5) people is planning to view a webinar (one location or multiple), all five (5) must be registered to receive credit and five (5) sessions will also be counted against the available allotment.
Questions? E-mail or call 202-682-0110.

How it Works:

Who is eligible for this service? DBIA Industry Partner members and their employees
How do I register? Complete this form and return to

Industry Partner Member  Access

How do employees in my company access sessions? Your company will receive a unique code to register for individual sessions.
My company is signed up for a subscription, how do obtain my company’s unique code? Your company has a pre-determined employee/administrator who has the code. To determine your company’s representative, click here.
How do I determine if my company has utilized all of the allotted number of viewable sessions? Your company’s pre-determined employee/administrator has access to real-time usage reports. To determine your company’s representative, click here
How long is my company’s subscription? 12 months, beginning the date of purchase.
My company has signed up for a subscription, how do they track registrants? DBIA will provide quarterly reports to the administrator. To determine your company’s representative, click here.
Is there a limit to the number of sessions that my company can access? Yes, based on your company’s subscription package, they receive a maximum number of webinar and conference sessions available to view.