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Project Database

DBIA's Project Database contains hundreds of successfully completed design-build projects. While not comprehensive, it does include many award-winning projects. All award winners for more than ten years are included.
You can search for projects by various criteria - state, type of project (i.e., transportation) and so on.
If you want to enter one of your projects, please note:
  • This database is for successfully completed projects; any project still under construction should not be entered until it has been completed. We ask for information as to how and why it is successful; any awards or owner testimonials should be included.
  • The information asked for must be complete before the entry can go public; incomplete entries will not be made public.
  • DBIA strongly advises that you create a text file - following the example of the sample database form - to copy and paste onto the site. The system does not allow you to fill in part of the form and come back later to finish it. And, unfortunately, it has a tendency to time out if the process takes too long.
  •  The form asks for photos, up to three. The system cannot accept very large image files. For best results, save your images at 72 dpi and no larger than 4" by 6" for printing. 




How to Search:
To see a listing of all projects in the database click “Run Search”. To help narrow your search, you may select more than one search criteria. If you know the name of the project you are looking for, you may type in all or part of the project name and/or Design-Build Firm. Clicking on one of the column headers will sort the database entries by that criterion.
How to Add a Project:
To add a project to the Design-Build Project Database, click the "Add a Project" link on the top left corner of the database screen. Keep in mind that you must complete all project information at once. You do not have the ability to "save" and complete missing information at a later date. Use the Sample Form to determine what information you will need to properly enter your project.  Note: You may find it more effective to create a text file with all the information and copy and paste it into the online form.
Questions: If you are having trouble finding a specific project or need assistance, please contact Todd Rich at 202-454-7503,