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2017 Student Competition Team Registration



Thank you for registering your team for the 2017 Design-Build Student Competition.

The purpose of registering is to let us know of your interest in participating, who your team is to date and that you will be sending us your formal Letter of Intent (LOI) no later than September 12, 2017.
All Teaming Agreements must be submitted with the LOI.
Faculty Advisor – please include your full contact information.

Team Captain – please include all known team members and their phone numbers.
Reminder: Five (5) team members are required for each team; two students must be from a design field. Partnering with other schools is highly encouraged; please review the competition rules for additional details. 

 Registration Form


School *

Team Name *

Team Captain *

Faculty Sponsor Name *

Faculty Sponsor Email *

Faculty Sponsor Phone Number *

Team Member 1 *

Field of Study1 *

Email 1 *

Team Member 2 *

Field of Study 2 *

Email 2 *

Team Member 3 *

Field of Study 3 *

Email 3 *

Team Member 4 *

Field of Study 4 *

Email 4 *

Team Member 5 *

Field of Study 5 *

Email 5 *


This indicates that you agree to abide to all the requirements of the Design-Build Student Competition. If a finalist or winner, your photos will be used to announce that status and promote the competition for next year.